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I have been fortunate to have many long term playmates.  Some I see often, others every few years, some I have been seeing for over 20 years.  I pride myself on how often playmates come back for more.  Here is a sampling of some of the lucky few that have the honor of playing with me, have to say.  All reviews posted with permission of those who have participated in private play with me at my exclusive studio or on the rare occasion, the great outdoors.

Memories for a lifetime! i too have been to other Dommes but none ever as good or compassionate!  By compassionate i mean by taking the time to listen and make sense of an unclear request. Also by checking to see if i was alright as she is inflicting pain, if i say i am ok she laughs and cranks it up more.  Sincerely, this is the best i’ve ever been to.  The details are between us but i can say She listens, understands and will try to accommodate reasonable requests.  She will persuade you on what your limits are even if you don’t know.  My biggest request was no marks as i was away on a “hall pass” for the weekend.  Not even a tiny red mark on me but my nipples are tender but, by looks, you would never know.  Her looks are nothing like her pictures posted, she is without a doubt 10x better looking in person with a killer body.  i wish and hope i can have the weekend away again. i will definitely see her again.  Oh, and by the way, her recommendation on where to dine while in Phoenix was great! 

Thanks again,
-Signed In Shock

medical room
dungeon torture

I wanted to thank you again for such an amazing experience. As you know, I had been with a few Dommes before seeing you, but my time with you was the best kink experience I have ever had. You put me at ease very quickly and I felt more comfortable with you than I have with any previous Domme. You asked all the right questions, which was terrific for me since I can’t always explain or describe what I want very well, I tend to get very nervous.  When it was time to get started,  you said it was time for Emma to get into her little girl panties and it seemed the most natural thing in the world. Your expert rope work quickly made me feel wonderfully vulnerable. The spanking and paddling you gave me was amazing. You brought me right up to the limits of what I could take and gave a little push. You gave me an incredibly intense sensation without going past what I could endure. The time we had together never felt rushed. It felt very complete, like every moment we had together was used to the fullest. When we had finished, my tears of joy and gratitude (and some pain) were genuine. I can hardly wait until our next get together. Thank You so much Lady Bridget.

Your friend and loyal subject,  
-Randall, Mesa Arizona

electrical play no escape
dr ballards gyn chair

My second visit with Lady Bridget was incredible. We had arranged to go to a mountain in Northern Arizona where she bound and blindfolded me between two trees and slowly started bringing me to highs I had never dreamed of. She started out slowly teasing me with a flogger. She then got out some of her nastier toys, including a vicious little slapper, a lovely red and black cat o nine tails and finally the whips. I think she enjoyed whipping me as much as I enjoyed it. Just as we were finishing up a threatening thunderstorm finally let loose and we both got drenched. We laughed all the way back to the car.  It was a great experience overall and I look forward to many future visits. 

-Michael, Chicago Illinois

super boomer
the cross

Lady Bridget, Wow! I know I challenged you saying I could take lots of CBT pain and some women I have played with before have not appreciated my attitude. I know I can be a cocky son of a bitch, but I am a pain slut and not one of those groveling ass-kissing subbies. Other Dominatrices have shied away from going as far as I like. But not you, damn! Your smile is so sweet, no one would ever suspect what a sadist you are underneath! You have great equipment to torture someone like me with, but more important you have the creativity and devious mind to use it so well! When my blissfully sore body heals up, I am definitely up for another round.

– Dan, Denver Colorado

Lady Bridget Ballard

Domina Bridget, My business takes me all over the country and my kinks usually lead me to seek out a local Dominant once my business is concluded. But since seeing you the first time after a meeting in Scottsdale, you are the first Dominant to inspire me to make a special trip just to see you; no other business purely pleasure. I don’t want to seem self-important, but I am a very busy man. I want to make it clear what an impression you made to get me to take time out just for a get together with you. The time together was truly incredible. I have never encountered anyone with your skill with a whip. You took me to places I didn’t think I could go. Never have I felt such intense sensations. Thank you for everything, Lady Bridget. I am looking forward to the next time I can get away to see you.

-Louis, Omaha Nebraska

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